Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amazon & Office Products

Amazon is now officially in the office products game. In their Office Supplies press release they "just launched" their office supply store.

Introductory offer of a 10% Discount off of the following manufacturers thru June 29th 2008:
Mr. Sketch
Vision Elite

What might have a big impact to independent resellers is Amazon's freight programs. Most of the Office Supplies will be eligible for
Free Super Saver Shipping or if a customer is a member of Prime - which offer free two day shipping on all orders.

But, overall the end customer can win with Amazon's marketplace. This is where a lot of the major retailers sell their products also, so if Amazon doesn't have the lowest price, you should be able to see which retailer has the lowest price.

The consumer probably could get frustrated trying to find the product they need, out of 500,000 office products they must have the correct part number. Wouldn't it be like looking for a needle haystack if you didn't have the SKU?

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