Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to reduce your printer's cost per page, supplies and energy consumption - eat it!

No, seriously we ran across a UK company that crafted a cake in the form of a Lexmark Pinnacle Pro printer. It's described as a "large vanilla sponge with strawberry 'jam' printer". If that wasn't cool enough, they are selling a slice for a $1 that will be donated to charity. (CAFT) Childrens Adventure Farm Trust

And if you order anything from Amazon through their website the referral fees will be donated as well.

You know we're all about reducing your bottom line when it comes to printer costs. So, when we saw this story we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get behind a good cause. But be careful, this cause could increase your "bottom" line if you get too enthusiastic about it!
Think about it, a printer with no printer cartridge expenses, no energey comsumption and probably will taste good!  Give it up and donate.

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