Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hewlett Packard Data Storage Price Increase

We have another price increase recently announced by Hewlett Packard HP.  Here is the detail provided by HP:

C7980A,  HP SDLT I 220-320GB Data Cartridge 15.0%

C7980AD,  HP SDLT I Pallet of 900 Tapes 15.0%

C7980AL,  HP SDLT I Custom Label 20 Pk 15.0%

C7982A,  HP SDLT Cleaning Cartridge 15.0%

C7971A, HP Ultrium 1 200GB Data Cartridge 3.0%

C7971AD, HP LTO1 Pallet of 960 Tapes 3.0%

C7971AL, HP Ultrium 200GB Custom Label 20 Pk 3.0%

C7971AN, HP Ultrium 200GB Non-Custom Label 20 Pk 3.0%

C8010A, HP DAT 72 72GB 170m Data Cartridge 25.0%

Q2020A, HP SDLT II 600GB Data Cartridge 15.0%

Q2020AL, HP SDLT II Labeled 20 Pk Crtg 15.0%

C5141F, HP DLT IV 40-80GB Data Cartridge 15.0%

C5141FL, HP DLT IV Custom Label 20 Pk 15.0%

C5706A, HP DDS-1 4GB 90m Data Cartridge 25.0%

C5707A, HP DDS-2 8GB 120m Data Cartridge 25.0%

C5708A, HP DDS-3 24GB 125m Data Cartridge 25.0%

C5709A. HP DDS Cleaning Cartridge 25.0%

C5718A, HP DDS-4 40GB 150m Data Cartridge 25.0%

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