Friday, April 24, 2009

Return at ONCE!

OAKDALE, Minn. & ALISO VIEJO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN) and®, the Internet Superstore™, have teamed up to reduce the environmental impact of printing through the availability of Imation Earthwise™ remanufactured toner cartridges. A four-point recycling program further ensures that environmentally aware and cost-conscious users can easily reduce their effect on Mother Nature.

Imation offers earth-friendly, remanufactured toner cartridges with original manufacturer quality at up to 50 percent savings. Each Imation Earthwise toner cartridge begins with a reused plastic shell, and contains a new printer drum, new toner, and other reconditioned or replaced parts. Imation Earthwise toner cartridges are packaged in cartons made from no less than 80 percent post-consumer recycled materials. Each cartridge saves three pounds of waste from filling landfills and the equivalent of three quarts of petroleum by not manufacturing a new cartridge.

Further, buying Imation Earthwise toner cartridges online via’s e-commerce model reduces environmental impact with 35 percent less energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions than what is produced in the traditional retail shopping model, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University’s Green Design Institute. operates a unique virtual model in which products are shipped directly from distribution partners to customers, eliminating a significant step in the retail supply chain.

“Earth Day used to be the only time when Americans thought about their impact on the environment. Now, every day we consider what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Tom Lally, vice president, Americas Commercial Business, Imation. “Using Imation Earthwise toner cartridges is one of the easiest ways that businesses and home office users can make a difference. Not only is this line guaranteed to meet the highest quality standards while saving money, it’s an environmentally wise choice further enhanced by the green nature of the model. Additionally, with four ways to recycle Imation Earthwise cartridges, completing the cycle has never been simpler.”

Imation offers its customers several options for recycling used Imation Earthwise toner cartridges:

Bulk Return – Collect at least 10 used cartridges and return them all at once to Imation. Simply download and print the prepaid, pre-addressed UPS return label from the Imation Web site or, and use “earthwise” as the login ID and password.

Individual Return – Don’t throw it away! Repack the used cartridge in the box from the new Imation Earthwise toner cartridge, then download and print the prepaid, pre-addressed UPS return label from the Imation Web site or use “earthwise” as the login ID and password.
Corporate Recycling – Take advantage of existing corporate recycling processes, which are fast, easy and already successful.

Community Return – Visit your local recycling facility or home office products location, which often collect used cartridges for recycling.

“Imation Earthwise toner cartridges are a natural fit for’s ‘Go Green’ message,” said Jeff Wisot, vice president of marketing, “Remanufactured toner saves money and helps the environment, but the quality controls that Imation has in place are unsurpassed. With Imation Earthwise in our portfolio, we’re confident we’re giving our customers the greenest way to buy toner cartridges.”

The Imation Earthwise line of laser printer and fax toner cartridges includes Monochrome HP- Compatible, Color HP-Compatible and Monochrome Canon-Compatible cartridges. Users can find the right cartridge for their system through the Cartridge Finder at or

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