Thursday, August 28, 2008

Canon Portable Photo Printers

Canon U.S.A. announced two new additions to the popular SELPHY compact photo printer line: the SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30. The Canon SELPHY ES3 will include one gigabyte of internal flash memory for storage of photos.

Featured in the new SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer is the inclusion of internal flash memory which allows for images to be stored directly on the printer making sharing with friends and family even easier. You will no longer have to worry about uploading images from a memory card each time and can print out up to 1000 images on command.

A new wide-angle viewing 3.5-inch LCD monitor can be found on the Canon SELPHY ES3 while the SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printer comes equipped with a 3.0-inch high-resolution LCD monitor to make checking images in horizontal and vertical directions very easy to do.

Both the Canon SELPHY ES3 and SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printers have been designed with portability in mind. The newly designed carrying handle makes it easy for the printer to be carried from room to room. With the power adapter now being built into the printer's body, only the power cable needs to be connected to operate the printer. In addition to the integrated ink and paper cartridges found on previous SELPHY models, two new "Easy Photo Packs" are now available that can add a gold and/or silver effect on all your photographs.

The estimated selling price of the SELPHY ES3 Compact Photo Printer is $199.99, and $149.992 for the SELPHY ES30 Compact Photo Printer.

The supplies are the following:
E-P50 - Easy Photo Pack - 50 Prints Postcard
E-P100 - Easy Photo Pack - 100 Prints Postcard
E-C25L - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Card Size Labels
E-P25BW - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Postcard, Black & White
E-P20G - 4x6, 20 Sheets Gold Ink
E-P20S - 4x6, 20 Sheets Silver Ink
E-C25 - Easy Photo Pack - 25 Prints Card Size

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